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RSA 2012 – Tuesday – Big Data, Big Egos, Total Carnage

Today was the first, big day of RSA and it was big cliché on display. Everywhere it was one buzz word piled atop another buzz word. We had three key note addresses, including the big guy himself, Art Coviello, President of RSA. Here are my day two observations, analysis and commentary. More after the jump…

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RSA 2012 – Monday – Innovation Sandbox Analysis

And so begins Anitian’s daily blog on RSA 2012.

Today was a short day at RSA. None of the big presentations started today. I did not get to the show until 12:30PM. My Alaska Airlines flight was pleasant, although the plane continued on to Cabo San Lucas, and I contemplated hiding on the plane and going with it. However, despite all my powers, invisibility is not one I have mastered.

The event I did go to is the Innovation Sandbox. I was very much looking forward to this. It showcased 10 new security vendors. And honestly, they were all pretty interesting. I have documented my analysis of these 10 vendors and their technologies.

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Blogging from RSA

RSA is just a week away. We’ve missed the past few shows. But this year, Anitian returns and I will be blogging every night from the show. The security industry is still pretty hot these days, so there should be plenty to write about. I plan on spending plenty of time debunking the FUD spreaders and other frothers. Should be fun.

I have some very interesting meetings lined up. Got a few CEOs and Execs that I am going to question. One in particular could make for some interesting drama.

Anyway, stay tuned for more RSA fun.

Andrew Plato